Change log

This is the change log for LiveGraph software versions.

Last update of this log: 07.07.2008.
Latest released version: 2.0.beta01
Current major release version: 1.1.4.
You can download the latest version of LiveGraph from here.

Version 2.0.beta01

  • Various refactorings.
  • New central event model.
  • Optimised and typed settings container classes.
  • Auto update checks.
  • Full support for feeding data through memory.
  • New major version number !

Version 1.1.4

  • Fixed the bug that cause the application to freeze when a log scale was selected under certain conditions.
  • Fixed the example settings files to better demo values.

Version 1.1.3

  • Fixes the locales bug such that floating point numbers specified in the local way work fine.
  • org.LiveGraph.dataFile.write.DataStreamWriterFactory.defaultFileExtension
    has been changed from "dat" to "lgdat".
  • The semantics of the API library method
    methods have been changed to allow more control over the files names and to match the more intuitive semantics of the underlying library functions.
  • Higher update frequency (up to 100 Hz) has been enabled in the user interface.
  • A bug in org.LiveGraph.plot.Plotter has been fixed that used to cause that the most left or the lowest grid lines were not always displayed as required.
  • The label drawing in org.LiveGraph.plot.Plotter has been modified to ensure an automatic rounding of axes labels to an appropriate scale.
  • Added a new series transformation mode that allows log-transforms to any specified base.
  • Refactored the data series settings file format.
    Identifier renamed: "Transform_SetVal""Transform_ScaleBySetVal".
    Old format is still loadable, but deprecated.
  • Refactored the data series settings file format.
    Identifier renamed: "ScaleFactor""TransformParam".
    Old format is still loadable, but deprecated.
  • Refactored the graph settings file format.
    Identifier renamed: "XAxisScaleValue""XAxisParamValue".
    Old format is still loadable, but deprecated.
  • Refactored the graph settings file format.
    Identifier renamed: "XAxis_DataValScaledSet""XAxis_DataValScaleBySetVal".
    Old format is still loadable, but deprecated.
  • Refactored GraphSettings and DataSeriesSettings to perform a more robust checking of the validity
    of settings values.
  • Added a new x-axis transformation mode that allows log-transforms to any specified base.
  • Added a new x-axis transformation mode that interprets a specified data series as seconds and formats the x-axis as a timestamp. Any 10-power of seconds is supported, e.g. milliseconds (secs · 10^3), and generally any p (secs * 10^p).
  • Fixed the bug that forced the x-axis series setting to get lost every time a new data file was reloaded.
  • A large number of small code style fixes and refactorings has been undertaken.


  • Version 1.12 was compiled for Java 1.6 by mistake although LiveGraph is specified to run with Java 1.5 or later. THe distribution archive version 1.121 contains version 1.12 recompiled for Java 1.5.

Version 1.1.2

  • Fixed the bug that caused the transformation of data values into the interval [0, 1] to be incorrect after a read from the data file.
  • Added a data file example to the ZIP-distributions.

Version 1.1.1

  • Fixed the calculation of the viewable area to automatically stretch the view-port in case that its width or height happens to be zero.

Version 1.1.0

(This is a major release)

  • The SoftNet-Consult Java Utility Library is now included as a separate JAR. Detailed information and reference is available on the library's website (
  • Website updated to reflect all features of this release.
  • Structure of distribution archives greatly simplified.
  • An all-in-one Ant build file created to build all references and distributions together.
  • New major release version approved.

Version 1.0.4

  • Fixed the Graph Settings window to display the correct loaded settings when opened.
  • Fixed the status message in the Plot window to display a meaningful message when no data is showing.
  • In the Graph Settings window the grid size is now automatically updated such that to ensure that there is a small minimum distance between the grid lines.
  • Fixed the bug in the method
    org.LiveGraph.dataFile.write.DataStreamWriterFactory.getUniqueDataFile(String, String, String)
    that caused the File to be in the file-system root directory when no dataFileDir is specified. The new and correct behaviour is that the file should be in the program run directory.

Version 1.0.3

  • Licence agreement switched from GPL-style to BSD-style.
  • Added public method org.LiveGraph.disposeGUIAndExit() in order to allow applications to remotely close a LiveGraph application.
  • Various refactorings to allow the control of a running LiveGraph application via the public settings objects.
  • Extended the width of the graph settings window and file settings windows.
  • Text fields in the graph settings window now react to the enter key.
  • Advanced selection of data series.
  • The series combo box in Graph Settings window now adjusts the width of its drop-down list to the
    longest series label.
  • Updated the .jardesc files to make them more flexible.

Version 1.0.2

  • Added "Show all", "Hide all" and "Toggle all" buttons at the top of the data series window.
  • Added a "Support..." item in the main window help menu.
  • Fixed a bug which sometimes prevented data point highlighting (a null pointer exception was thrown).
  • Added a popup showing the highlighted series when a mouse button is pressed over the plot area.
  • Fixed bug with grid alignment. The grid is now aligned not every S units starting from the axis, but every S units and at position P mod S = 0. This means that the very first grid line might be closer than S units to to the axis. This behavior is what the user will intuitively expect.
  • Moved class org.LiveGraph.util.ReadOnlyIterator into a shared library;
    it became com.softnetConsult.utils.collections.ReadOnlyIterator.
  • Moved inner class org.LiveGraph.gui.GraphSettingsWindow.DisablingPanel into a shared library;
    it became com.softnetConsult.utils.swing.DisEnablingPanel.
  • Moved method org.LiveGraph.gui.FrameWithTools.getPlainFont(Component) into a shared library;
    it became com.softnetConsult.utils.swing.SwingTools.getPlainFont(Component).
  • Renamed class to
    the new class version kept the general interface, but was internally refactored to use the new class
  • Added a new class The new class has nothing to do with the class carrying the same name in version 1.01; the new version is a generic call-back
    parser for LiveGraph data files that can be used by third party applications.
  • All file dialogs now initially open the application directory (System.getProperty("user.dir"))
    rather than the user's home directory.
  • Refactored the English names for series transformation settings (attention: old settings files are not compatible any more!).
  • Various refactorings in class org.LiveGraph.plot.Plotter.
  • Uncaught exceptions are now displayed in the main window.
  • Class org.LiveGraph.gui.FrameWithTools removed in favour of utility collection class org.LiveGraph.gui.Tools.
  • Added image export functionality.

Version 1.0.1

(This is a major release)

This is the first public release release of LiveGraph. It was made publicly available on 13.03.20007.