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LiveGraph presents a software demonstration at the
8th Asia-Pacific Complex Systems Conference

Complex'07 will be the key complex systems event in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region for the year. This conference seeks to bring together those in the region who are actively involved in complex systems research and practice. It also aims to provide an introduction to specialised topics for people seeking to know more about the theoretical and practical aspects of research in complex systems. The conference will feature one day of pre-conference workshops and tutorials, followed by three days of keynote presentations, panel discussions, contributed papers, poster sessions and software demonstrations. Participants can expect to hear the latest information from research and industry experts, as well as develop important new contacts.
The conference will take place 2-5 July at the Gold Coast, Australia. For further information, see the conference web-site.

The LiveGraph presentation will take place on Wednesday, 04.07.2007, between 1:30 to 3pm in the llroom gallery.

Here is the presentation abstract:


a tool for data visualisation, analysis and logging in complex systems simulations

Simulation is an essential tool in complex systems research. And the hardest, most time-consuming part of simulation development is the user interface, especially monitoring tools and visual display.

Several visualisation frameworks are available, however, they usually require extensive data preparation from the model developer and trade off powerful functions for a complex, slow-to-use user interface. Such frameworks are targeted at post-simulation data analysis.

Our LiveGraph framework for exploratory data analysis combines several features that are (at least in combination) missing in other products:

  • A plotter that automatically updates graphs of simulation outputs in real-time.
  • A concise and simple point-and-click interface that allows users to quickly select and compare data series even in simulations outputting over 1000 series simultaneously.
  • Transformation of data series for visual comparison, or application of feature detection by the virtue of a single click.
  • The framework is Java-based and can be run on any computer system. However, it is easily integrated with simulations written in any programming language.
  • LiveGraph reads files in a simple CSV-style format. For simulations written in Java it provides an API that handles data logging.

These features make the LiveGraph system particularly useful while exploring the parameter space of a simulation model. LiveGraph is a generic tool that allows researchers to direct their effort to actual models, not visualisation.

The demonstration shows how LiveGraph was used with two very different complex systems simulation models.

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