Forum & Contact

The preferred way to contact the LiveGraph team is via our forums on SourceForge. We greatly prefer this to emails: using the forum will ensure that all LiveGraph team members are notified about your question immediately and will also allow other users to benefit from the solution to your question.

We have two forums:

  • The Requests and Reports forum is the primary communication channel between the LiveGraph users and the developer team. If you want to report a bug, request a feature, or just as a question, this is the place to go.
  • The User Discussion forum is the primary communication channel for the wider LiveGraph user community. If you have a question about using LiveGraph, you should turn to this forum before asking the developer team.

We maintain static mirrors of our forums on this website. The reason for this is that forums hosted on SourceForge are not indexed by some of the major search engines. However, we believe that indexing the forum content in major search engines will provide a great benefit for our users, and will help them finding solutions to their questions quicker and easier.

You can use the links below to access the static forum mirrors, however, for posting, advanced search and other interactive capabilities you should visit the main forums hosted on SourceForge.

User community forum

Use this forum for asking questions about:

  • using the LiveGraph plotter application,
  • using LiveGraph and related APIs in your own software,
  • for all other communication within the LiveGraph user community.

  » Go to static mirror.     » Go to the actual forum.

User - developer forum

Use this forum for:

  • telling us what you use LiveGraph for (do you want to be included on the reference page?),
  • reporting bugs,
  • providing user feedback,
  • requesting features,
  • requesting support for issues that could not be resolved by the community,
  • all other communication with the LiveGraph developer team.

  » Go to static mirror.     » Go to the actual forum.