Developer manual

In this section we included everything you need to know in order to incorporate LiveGraph in your own applications.

This manual refers to LiveGraph version 1.1.X.
While version 2.0.X is similar in general, there are several key improvements.
We are working on the manual for version 2.0.X and will make it available as soon as possible. Meanwhile, you can explore the source annotated JavaDoc reference (also work in progress).

If you need help on using the LiveGraph plotter, refer to the user manual. If after reading this developer manual you still have any questions, or if you would like to provide a contribution to the project or report a bug, please get in touch with us via our forums of the LiveGraph project page on SourceForge.

In the first chapter of this section we describe the general architecture of the LiveGraph system and provide an overview of the modules you will be in touch with when using LiveGraph in your own software. We include a Java example on how to start using the LiveGraph API instantly.

In the second chapter we provide a formal definition of the LiveGraph CSV based data file format. This is particularly interesting for developers who want to use LiveGraph with applications written in other languages then Java.

Finally, we provide a Javadoc-style reference on all parts of LiveGraph.

For all licensing issues, please read the LiveGraph licence.

When you wish to download LiveGraph, proceed straight to the download page.